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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mangalore Dasara

The Dasara festival celebrated from September 28, 2011 followed by traditional Mangalore Dasara procession that was held on the final day i.e. October 6, 2011.

Important Dates
6th Oct 2011 - Kudroli Shobha Yatra Procession ( Mangalore Dasara)
6th Oct 2011 - Mangaladevi Rathotsav
7th Oct 2011 - Acharya Matt Carstreet Sharada Procession

Mangalore Dasara is as famous as Dasara in Mysore. This festival also called as Marnemi in Tulu. Kudroli temple is the center of attraction during the Navarathri festival. The Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple is 3km from the centre of Mangalore city. 

During Navarathri Idols of Godess Sharada with other Navagraha's along with Lord Ganesha were installed in Kudroli temple's Koragappa Hall. This hall was decorated very beautifully with lights and other materials which made people feel like as if they entered into a golden palace.













During Navarathri entire Mangalore was decorated with colorful lights. The colorful ‘Shobha Yathra’ started from Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Temple after puja's and other religious rituals at around 4.30 pm. After the Visarjan puja wass done for the Sharada and other Navadurga idols, they were taken in a grand procession, which passed through the beautifully decorated seven-km route.

This procession in turn attracted huge crowds from all over the city. 

During the procession idol of Ganesha was in the forefront of the procession which was followed by Adishakti, Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kooshmandini, Skandamata, Katyayini, Mahakali, Mahagowri, Siddidatri and Sharada. Hundreds of folk troupes danced and marched ahead of the deities in the processions. 

On this occasion the trucks get modified carrying colourful tableaux, some displaying mythological themes and some modern, topics, took part in the main procession.

Tiger dance (Pili Vesha) performed here during Navarathri is unique in its own way. They dance beautifully to the drum beats. They are also a part during the final procession. 

The procession ends near the temple and all the idols are taken to the water pool (Gangavatara) near the temple and drowned in an orderly manner. This is called as Visarjan of the idols. 

Later, Balipuje and Mantapabali rituals will be organised in the temple. The festival will be concluded at the Kudroli temple with the immersion of Sri Sharada Mata idol after ‘Mantapa Puja’. It is a very sad feeling that people get when they see the idol of Goddess Sharada getting immersed in water. One can experience the decline of the shine in Goddess Sharada's face after they remove all the valuables from idol before immersing. 

Godess gives a message to all mortal beings saying " We might have earned or acquired things in this materialistic world, but one day we leave everything behind and go."

It is always observed that they will be a showers of Rain when Idol of Goddess Sharada is being immersed which is an indication from God that everything has gone well.

Mangaladevi at Bolar Another famous temple Mangaladevi at Bolar also celebrates the festival. Mangalore got its name from Mangaladevi. Mangaladevi temple arranges for various cultural programmes such as folk, music, drama, plays on various themes, ballets and devotional songs. 

Large number of devotees participate in the Rathotsav (car festival) on the ninth day i.e. Navami. The procession has chariot-driven cavalcades (rathotsava) filled with various deities and hundreds of tableaux gloriously decorated with colorful lights and festoons. The procession reaches a location at Marnamikatta where the goddess is worshipped. Pious people of Mangalore believe that worship of Mangaladevi brings them prosperity and happiness.