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Monday, July 18, 2011

Trip to Gopal Krishna temple, Kumbla, Kerala

Sri Gopalakrishna Temple is situated at the heart of Kumbla town.

History of the Kumbala Sree Gopalakrishna Temple:

According to the legend Krishna was born to Devaki. His parents were imprisoned by the demon Kamsha because he knew that their son would kill him. Krishna was born inside the prison and with the help of God was transferred to Yashoda, another new mother of a girl child. This girl child was replaced by Devaki's son. He grew up to be a handsome man and had an enchanting personality.

Later he annihilated the torturous demon Kamsha much to the relief of mankind. To honor him, the Gopalakrishna Temple has been erected at Kasargod and people pay homage to the Lord remembering the day he delivered the world from evil.

How to reach from Mangalore:
By Bus or train

How we traveled : Train from Mangalore to Kumbla. 0.5 Km from Kumbla station.

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